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The music ministry of East Maryville is comprised of ordinary men, women, students, and children who know first-hand the greatness of God and of His grace and mercy. We are thankful, joyful, and excited about ascribing to Him the glory due His name! Our response to His love translates into service.


Worship should be Christ-Centered, aimed at glorifying Him because of His creation and redemption. All aspects of worship ought to conform to the truths of Scripture, while striving for undistracted excellence. Congregational worship should set an example of reverence, passion, and wonder, while at the same time kindling and carrying deep, strong and real emotions toward God. It is both head and heart. The selection, preparation, and presentation of music must be relevant to the congregation maintaining its biblical foundation and theological integrity. Worship should be driven by a desire to help people see and savor the glory of God forever and ever.

Protect the unity of the body at all costs. Romans 12:4-6, everyone has unique gifts according to grace and they all come together in unity and accomplish something wonderful for eternity!